Phlebotomy Staffing

Learn more about the benefits of using a Phlebotomy Staffing Service

Who needs phlebotomists?

Doctors, labs, clinic, hospitals, even research organizations and health insurance companies can use phlebotomists.

What is a phlebotomy staffing agency?

A Phlebotomy Staffing Agency is a company that places qualified phlebotomists with the organizations that need them.

How can a phlebotomy staffing company help?

Phlebotomy Staffing Companies have thousands of phlebotomists ready to go. No need to try an find them on your own.



Can't I find my own phlebotomists?

Of course. Go ahead. Using websites like Monster, Indeed or Careerbuilder, you'll spend $350 and up, just to post the job. You'll still have to read resumes, conduct interviews, credential, hire and onboard them. If you need someone for just a single visit or just for a day, it is never time and cost effective to go through that lengthy process. Being the smart person you are, call a Phlebotomy Staffing Company like Phlebotek and let them do it for you.

How does a phlebotomist staffing company work?

An organization that needs a phlebotomist (perhaps theirs called in sick or someone quit) will call a Phlebotomy Staffing Agency and request a Phlebotomist. The Phlebotomy Staffing Agency has phlebotomists ready to work and the organization does not need to spend time and money searching for someone.

Requirements and selection

The organization needing the phlebotomist will inform the staffing agency of their specific criteria and requirements. The agency will then contact the registered phlebotomist that they feel will best match what the organization is looking for. The Phlebotomist will be offered a "contract" which will include the days they are needed and the pay that is offered.

Increase productivity

Bringing in temporary phlebotomists to handle work overload can prevent burnout of full-time phlebotomists. When work schedules are overloaded, phlebotomists can quickly become unmotivated and overwhelmed. This can increase mistakes made as well as decrease productivity. Increased absenteeism is often a side effect when this occurs. By bringing in temporary phlebotomists to handle the extra work load, full-time phlebotomists can continue to focus on their main job tasks while maintaining their productivity.

Contact Phlebotek

Phlebotek has been a phlebotomy service business for 10 years. With tens of thousands of phlebotomists across the country, Phlebotek is able to assist your organization with a variety of phlebotomy and specimen collection services.


Are you a phlebotomist?

Ever consider working with a phlebotomy staffing company?

Let's be real. Everyone wants a cushy, full-time job. Phlebotomy staffing companies have those too, but they are also going to have short assignments, part time, temp and traveling work. You'll need to be responsive, flexible and up for something new. Pay is higher than what you're used to, but you'll have to be a great stick with a friendly personality. Apply today if you're looking for something new.

National Phlebotomist Registry

Any organization that works with or frequently utilizes phlebotomists should look into the National Phlebotomist Registry.

All phlebotomists are encouraged to register and create a free profile.

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